Vertidraining alleviates the compaction of sports grounds, parks, private lawns, etc. This allows for improved draining and better grassroot growth. This procedure is usually carried out in the summer, from March-October

Vertidrainer colm mcevoy pitch maintenance


Shockwaving uses a series of blades to cut into the ground at intervals. This allows for wintertime drainage to ensure the ground is in the best possible condition for winter sports and usage. This procedure is carried out in the winter from October-March

Vredo Overseeder

The Vredo Overseeder is a precision seeder. It slices the ground, places seeds in the ground and covers over with a 96% strike rate (maximum strike rate on other machines is 65-70%) It can sow a variety of seeds sizes, including grass seed, wildflower seeds and other biodiverse solution seeds

Amazone High Tipped Flail Mower Super 210

This machine can cut and collect grass in one action over an area of up to 2.1 meters wide. The machine can also scarify land, removing thatch and moss to aerate the ground. This encourages better growth and prepares the ground for wildflower seeds. It can function in wet and dry conditions. It is ideal for parkland areas. The machine cuts grass of up to 1 meter height. It is ideal for clearing wildflower meadows at the end of season.